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Evangelische Oberkirche St. Nikolai (Lutheran upper church)

Lutheran upper church St. Nikolai

Visitor of the city are welcome to silently stay, listen to organ and choir concerts and look at exhibitions inside the church. Tower climbing can be done every day starting 10 am in the morning. Tours and viewings of the church, exhibitions and information in English, Polish, Russian and Sorbian are available.

The upper church with its late gothic three-aisled brick structure of the 14th century, its star shaped vault and pulpit and its high altar’s fantastic alabaster carvings, is the biggest church in lower Lusatia. Inside the niff and chapel additions are several meaningful grave memorials of the 15th century. The 55 meter (180 feet) high view, from the steeple over the city is defiantly worth a try. The upper church place was added to the old market after the demolition of the preacher houses in the 19th century. This was probably the location for the first colony’s market.

Admission is free, Donations to keep the church looking good are always welcome.

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Evangelische Oberkirche St. Nikolai
Oberkirchplatz Nr.12
03046 Cottbus

Telefon: 0355 24714


April bis Oktober:
täglich von 10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

November bis März:
täglich von 11.00 bis 16.00 Uhr

Während der Gottesdienste Besichtigung und Turmaufstieg nicht möglich.


Eintritt frei, Spenden zur Erhaltung der Kirche sind herzlich willkommen, Turmbesteigung 2,00 € pro Person.
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