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Konservatorium Cottbus (Conservatory Cottbus)

The conservatory Cottbus offers many opportunities to experience music and learn a new instrument, how to use your own voice and body movement (dance) and simply have fun. The Jugendstil–concert hall is very inviting due to its outstanding acoustic. The musical calendar of the little artists is stuffed with spring concerts, big band concerts, Nicolas music, and the legendary Christmas concerts.

Build in 1911 as Lyceum and later in 1928 called the upper lyceum, the building was held in a late Jugendstil form. The connection between the conservatory’s and the theatre’s construction is clear.

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Konservatorium Cottbus
Puschkinpromenade 13/14
03044 Cottbus

Telefon: 0355 35541780
Fax: 0355 700830
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