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Piccolo Theater Cottbus (The piccolo theatre)

The piccolo theatre is a professional child, teen and young adult theatre. It splits into the branches children’s and teen theatre, puppet and figure play and dance. On average it brings out 12 plays for any age and 6 productions per season. The main concern is to experience theatre with all senses and think about the elements of life. The new theatre on the Erich Kästner place is the new stage for dreams, feelings, wishes, problems, conflicts and questions of the young artists and their families.

With all tools of the art the piccolo theatre gives their audiences Ideas and stimulations for their own lives. The members of the theatre want kids and teenagers to grow up as they person they want to be while being self confident and mature. There for the actors and members support their young viewers with music dance, puppet shows and more.

„Nur wer erwachsen wird und ein Kind bleibt, ist ein Mensch." („Only who grows up and stays a child - is a human”) – Erich Kästner

Every room of the theatre can be used or rented for events, performances or rehearsals: for example. Acting rehearsal rooms, halls, multi fictional rooms, dance room, lounge, open air theatre…

Barrierefreie Angebote

  • mobilityGäste mit Mobilitätseinschränkungen
  • eyeGäste mit Seheinschränkungen
  • earGäste mit Höreinschränkungen
  • brainGäste mit Lernschwierigkeiten/geistiger Behinderung


Piccolo Theater Cottbus
03046 Cottbus

Telefon: 0355 23687


Büro: Mo-Fr 10 - 17 Uhr und lt. Spielplan
Tickets: Telefon 0355/ 23687 oder
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