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Staatstheater Cottbus-Großes Haus (big house)




The lights are still on! There are over 2.000 of those inside “Europe’s most beautiful Jugendstil theatre”. A tour around the majestic building gives the viewer a first impression of the fairytale-like atmosphere. But only an attendance to a play, concert, ballet or opera shows what a jewel the citizens of Cottbus build in 1908. The state theatre’s program shows the connection between the artistic past and the present with a self confident examination of tradition, heritage and the biggest questions of our time. That’s why the theatre will take part in the “freedom – and democracy feast” of the human rights center Cottbus e.V. The continuation of “the eight premieres in eight concerts” and of the spectacular contemporary plays, is always current. To make sure the guests don’t miss out on the theatre’s humour there are impressive carnivals, open-air adventures in the barrack yard and a series of “chamber hits comedy” plays.

Main play locations

Großes Haus (big house) – Schillerplatz
Kammerbühne (chamberstage)– Wernerstr. 60
Theaterscheune (barntheatre) – Ströbitzer Hauptstr. 39
Kammermusiksaal (chamber-musik-hall) – Lausitzer Str. 31

Barrierefreie Angebote

  • mobilityGäste mit Mobilitätseinschränkungen
  • earGäste mit Höreinschränkungen
  • brainGäste mit Lernschwierigkeiten/geistiger Behinderung


Staatstheater Cottbus - Großes Haus
Schillerplatz 1
03046 Cottbus

Telefon: 0355 78242424
Fax: 0355 7824279


Besucherservice im Großen Haus
Mo/ Sa 11.00-15.00 Uhr
Di-Fr 11.00-19.30 Uhr

Tickets auch im CottbusService (Stadthalle Cottbus)
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