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Human rights center Cottbus e.V penitentiary memorial Cottbus


Permanent exhibition “Chequered clouds- political custody in the penitentiary Cottbus 1933-1989” in the penitentiary memorial Cottbus

About the exhibition:

The human rights are gist for this exhibition. Visitors have the chance to dispute the political and criminal prisoner’s fate and the general pursuit of realization of the human rights and their oppression.

The permanent Exhibition is a typical example for the political injustice of the NS-reign of terror or the SED. Dictatorship. The 28 Prisoner-biographies and reports of political jailbirds are introduced on a 450 square meter space. These reports speak about the verity of the distinctive topics of the time periods. The reasons for the custody in Cottbus, the biography of the prisoners and their tries to preserve their dignity in those unworthy conditions, are put out in those. Also the life in custody and chosen circumstances of chasing and repression mechanism were supposed to be shown openly. With the help of numerous pictures, documents, exponents and drawings the punishments in Cottbus from 1933 are being illustrated.

All the prisoners’ biographies have something in common, every victim tried to achieve their goal without violence. With this exhibition we want to remember and honour all of the people

that had to spent time in the prison of Cottbus and to see nothing but chequered clouds behind the windows, just because they wanted to be able to sense their human rights.

The penitentiary memorial of Cottbus

The penitentiary memorial Cottbus is an unusual project of the remembrance landscape of Germany. Members of the supporting association of the human rights center Cottbus e.V and owners of the entire aerial are mostly ex-prisoners of the prison. The memorial is politically independent, isn’t part of a foundation and is mostly financed by donations.

The “royal central prison” was opened in 1860 and used from the National Socialism and the GDR to take political opponents in custody. Today the place of remembrance is an example for the citizen’s engagement. Centre of that are the ones that were treated wrong and politically chased. Members of the association and volunteer workers from Germany and other countries support the project with their creativity and personal effort.

Memorial conductor
Sylvia Wähling



Coming from the Highway A15 Cottbus west, driving onto the B169 until it ends. At the end of the street turn left into the Bautzner street.

Coming from the train station in Cottbus it’s just a 15 minute walk in direction of the Stadtring. At the beginning of the bridge turn right into a small sidewalk that goes to the Bautzner street. In the Bautzener street turn right and follow the road 100 meters (328 feet) to the memorial entrance.

Realisation of the exhibition
The Exhibition is sponsored by the commissioner of the federal government for culture and media because of a decision of the German Bundestag.


Gedenkstätte Zuchthaus Cottbus, Menschenrechtszentrum Cottbus e.V.
Bautzener Straße 140
03050 Cottbus

Telefon: 0355/ 290 133 0
Fax: 0355/ 290 133 33


Dienstag - Freitag 10.00-17.00 Uhr
Samstag/ Sonntag 13.00-18.00 Uhr


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Ermäßigt* 4,00 €
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