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Sorbian Museum/ Serbski Muzej

Exponents about traditional garbs, Writings and music of the Sorbian customs. The “Wenden” (lower Sorbian) were tribes that settled down between the Baltic Sea and the uplands. That’s where thousands of Slavic cities got their names from: for example: Potsdam, Dresden, Berlin, Cottbus. From the 10 to 12th century the “Wenden”, that had to subject and be Christianized, bloomed under the German people. The only sorbs that still exist live in Lusatia and until 1945 they still were the majority of the population in Cottbus. In 1994 the museum for the Sorbian customs first presented the exponents and cultural accomplishments of the Sorbian folk. 


Wendisches Museum/ Serbski Muzej (2016 und 2017: geschlossen)
Mühlenstraße 12
03046 Cottbus

Telefon: 0355 79 49 30
Fax: 0355 701275
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