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Farmer markets

Farmer markets have a long tradition in our city. It was already mentioned in 1501 that there should be at least two wool markets a year. It was also proven that the Altmarkt had been used as market space since 1720. The previous location had been near today’s Gerichtsberg. Since the 19th century the Oberkirchplatz, the Kloster- and the Gerichtsplatz have been used for market purposes. Ever since the citizens supplies for the daily life have come from the market stands, or simple tables with umbrellas or tents over them.

Deep inside the city’s heart, between the historic and the modern town the farmer markets take place. The stands are arranged in the most interesting and attractive places for tourists and citizens of any age. Beside their seasonal change, the products distinguish themselves through their freshness and variety.

Oberkirchplatz (churches place)
It smells like flowers, fruit, vegetables and freshly baked bread and all of a sudden you sink into the special atmosphere of a typical farmer market. The stand owners from the Spreewald and all around are always friendly and up to informing you about their products. They even give you advice on recipes and more. Every Saturday people work themselves through the stands and buy a potato here and another one there. Come and get a hint of the contagious charm, the stimulating mood and the authentic offers of the lovely market people, right in front of the biggest church lower lusatia has ever seen, the Oberkirche.
Tuesdays: 8.00 am to 4.00 pm
Saturdays: 6.00 am to 1.00 pm

Spremberger Straße (Spremberg road)
Traditionally the farmer market takes place between the city’s landmark, the Spremberg tower which used to be the main commercial space, the very alive Altmarkt and the city fountain. Every Thursday the local gardeners, butchers and houseware stands offer their products to the people. Choose from the amazingly fresh supply and round up your shopping tour in one of the many cosy cafes and restaurants.
Thursdays: 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

In front of the city hall
Inside the city’s heart, between the historic and the modern core, right in front of the city hall is where the farmer market takes place every Wednesday and Friday. During that time this attractive location becomes focal point of every tourists and citizens attention. Beside the seasonal change of the supply you can find specialties like horsemeat, Austrian cheese and more. Many people of the region and all around love the personal atmosphere and the local charm of the market.