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Europäischer Parkverbund Lausitz

"From Graf Brühl to Fürst Pückler"

Great visionaries have always enjoyed visiting beautiful landscapes and some have even created their own. Both applies to the former Prime Minister of Saxony, Count Heinrich von Brühl (1700-1763), and to the Lusatian garden prince Fürst Hermann von Pückler-Muskau (1785-1871). Count Brühl created important noble residences in Dresden and Warsaw. His ancestral home in Pförten, featuring a palace and park and nowadays located in the Polish town of Brody, near Forst (Lusatia), was furnished in a particularly opulent style to provide the Saxon Prince-Elector and King of Poland with an appropriate abode to break his journey when travelling between Dresden and Warsaw.

The label of "park mania" is even more appropriate for Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. His landscape gardens in Bad Muskau and Branitz, emulating the English model, have shaped and influenced the notion of gardening of entire generations.

In 2010, the Europäische Parkverbund Lausitz (European Park Association of Lusatia) was established with the aim of strengthening the potential inherent in the Lusatian parks and gardens.

The partners implementing this idea agree: on both sides of the German-Polish border, there is a lot to be discovered that breathes the spirit of these two creative aristocrats. The 225th anniversary of the birthday of Prince Pückler in 2010 and the 250th anniversary of the death of Heinrich von Brühl in 2013 provide the historical point of departure for a renewed exploration of our garden treasures, both from the viewpoints of tourism and gardening. The Deutsche Rosenschau (German Rose Show) in 2013, hosted by the border town of Forst on occasion of the 100-year anniversary of the Ostdeutscher Rosengarten Forst (East German Rose Garden Forst), is to constitute the first highlight on this journey taking us from the first steps of association to the establishment of a unique European region of garden culture on both sides of the River Neiße.