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Only to be had here

This makes even Berlin turn pale: Each year, on Sunday before Shrove Monday, Cottbus celebrates the largest carnival procession in East Germany with thousands of sweets (Kamelle) thrown into the crowds. Once a year, when the FilmFestival Cottbus occupies the cinemas, the street lights glow in a mysterious blue. The Park Railway has train conductor uniforms in children's sizes and, in its best form, the FC Energie can beat the top club of the league – when it does not happen to be top of the league itself.

You see, there are things and events you can experience only here in Cottbus:

May: Historic castle garden centre

Gardening festival in the Branitz park and castle. Valuable plants and seeds, gardening accessories, antiques and culinary specialties, inspired by Fürst Hermann von Pückler-Muskau (historical …

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May: PolkaBEATS

The music festival all around the tipsy cousin of the marching music- Everything from traditional to punk (Several stages in the region).

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May: Big ball

The CMT Cottbus and the Lausitzer Rundschau inside the biggest ballroom in south Brandenburg (fairground Messe Cottbus).    

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June: art & enjoyment

Crafts, creativity and culinary art of the region presented around the “Synagoge/ Schlosskirche” in the picturesque old town (Schlosskirchplatz).

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July: Biking concert Cottbus

Enjoy biking and music! There is no better combination than that. The many different music titles are being experienced in the most extraordinary places (cottbus and region).

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September: Pottery fest Cottbus

More than 70 potteries from all over the country will present their goods in the church walls shade .Kids can create their own little ceramic masterpiece, there will be performances and admission is …

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October: Fall fair

Lausitzer consume and experience exhibition with the topics: CottbusBau( Cottbus Builds) Lecker Lausitz(Tasty Lausitz) Vital & Co.,Chic & Style and the art and creativity market (fairground Messe …

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