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The Cottbus Postal Coach Driver

I beg your pardon? You do not know me? I am the Cottbus Postal Coach Driver!

For more than 150 years now, I have been living in this city, where my tongue twister rules the day. I was born in the middle of the nineteenth century. My parents, ingenious advertising people, needed a proper, original city archetype to draw attention. They spent a long time debating whether I was a Saxon or a Prussian. After all, my home town Cottbus had a long history of being an important junction for the coaches travelling between Saxony and Prussia. To avoid strife, they outfitted me with a blue doublet, much to the chagrin of the Saxons, whose postal coach drivers wore yellow coats.

Each day, all twelve postal coaches commissioned in Cottbus at that time passed through the Spremberg Gate. I always had interesting things to tell and for many people eagerly awaiting good news I was very much of a lucky charm. Times changed and even a postal coach driver cannot escape the years. Yet I was never forgotten. I now have gained immortality by serving as the advertising symbol of the green city on the River Spree. These days, many people want to take home a postal coach driver souvenir. You do not believe me? Then come to visit beautiful Cottbus and see and hear me in person for yourself.

Yours faithfully,
The Cottbus Postal Coach Driver