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The Cottbus citizens themselves find their recreation on the bicycle, benefiting from the best of conditions on well-developed cycle trails. This news is getting around amongst bicycle tourists more and more throughout Germany and Europe. With Cottbus as a starting point, you have a wide choice for excursions into the region, for five excellent cycle trails cross paths in the city and numerous regional trails are equally well developed.

Mill tour through Cottbus (ca. 23 km)

 Historical collection Cottbus
 Ring-tailed-lemurs in the Zoo

4Do you want to see another side of Cottbus? Then a biking tour might be the thing for you. The Mill tour through Cottbus is a biking tour that starts at the tourist information “Cottbus Service”, centred in the inner-city. You can decide whether you want to bike the whole tour at once or in little stages. The Spreewald mill in the north, the Wilhelms mill, Madlow and Kutzeburger mill in the south, give the 23 kilometer tour, along the Spree, its name. The sights and attractions along the way are made for any occasion biker and family with kids. Beside the good, smooth roads that are mostly parallel to the international cycle tracks, you’ll see historic mills that invite to spent time in the most comfortable spots. You will find out which mill existed and which one still does, while enjoying the green side of the region. The trips first stage is the idyllic restaurant destination “Spreewaldmühle” (Spreewald mill) and the technical memorial- the only obtained watermill of this kind in east Germany. The tour continues in direction of the mill island and the architectural connection between the Wilhelms mill and the art museum Dieselkraftwerk. In the south you’ll get a closer look at the beautiful parks including the Zoo, the Spreeauenpark and the Castle and Park area Branitz which was the masterpiece and retirement home of “the green prince” Hermann Fürst von Pückler-Muskau. The Kutzeburger mill is the turning point of the tour and the perfect spot to have a look at the organic farm “Zur Kutzeburger Mühle”. Going back into the city you will pass the Madlow mill and the markgraf mill while peddling along the Spree. Shortly before the final destination you can treat yourself in one of the cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels. Enjoy Lusatia’s hospitality and review your impressive day one more time.

By the way, you can leave your bikes, secured and free in these places: Innenstadt/Puschkinpromenade
Schloss&Park Branitz/Visitor center Gutsökonomie;  Zoo/Entrance

Sights worth seeing (red flags on the map)
Spreewald mill, Mill Island plus art museum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus and the Loh- and Weißgerber houses, City wall fro the middle age with the stage drivers memorial next to the Lindenpforte, Spremberg tower- Landmark of the city, Baumkuchen (pyramid cake) manufactory, historic old town with Altmarkt (old market) and Brandenburg pharmacy museum, Oberkirche St.Nikolai (Church), Raumflugplanetarium “Juri Gagarin” Spreeauenpark with the tertiary forest, Zoo Cottbus, Park and Castle Branitz, Markgrafen mill, Kutzeburger mill

You can find more Information, maps, brochures and souvenirs at the CottbusService.

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