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Bicycle garages

 Bicycle garage inner-city (behind the city hall)
 Bicycle garages Zoo
 Biking stadium at the visitor center manor Branitz

Leave your bike secure and free in these lockable bicycle garages. 10 of them can be found in the Puschkin promenade behind the city hall next to the Punkthochhaus (“skyscraper”) and another five at the Branitzer manor/visitor center. The last 15 garages are near the Zoo’s entrance on the Kiekebuscher road.

The keys to the garages are given to the biking tourists during the business hours. A small amount of money will be accepted in pledge. The keys to the garages down town are placed in the Linder Congress hotel circa 100 meters from there. That way the biking tourists have the opportunity to still use the garages later the night without having to hurry to hit the business hours.

More information at the CottbusService (City hall Cottbus) Tel. 0355/ 75 42 0 and