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Sorbian crop rites

All along the corn crop has been the most important period of the year for the Sorbian peasants, because it was decisive for the survival of the village people. Special acknowledgement went to the rooster (sorb. Kokot) because in their believe he embodies the spirit of fertility. And because the next should bring another successful crop the rooster will be sacrificed in a special rite.

Rooster beating

The rooster beating is part of the traditional summer rites of Lusatia. In the past the rooster was buried under twigs and leaves to be slayed by the men, but now times he is replaced by a pot that is supposed to be hit as often as possible after three tries. The rooster will sit up its time in a safe distance, caged in a wicker basket. After that he will be set free and caught again to be auctioned off and sold to the highest bid.

Rooster plucking

The rooster plucking is part of the cropping rites. For that the riding men try to rip off the roosters head while the animal is attached to a beautifully decorated gate. The winner (“kral”) and the ones to rip out the wings are being honoured with oak leave garlands. Later the three crop kings will choose their queen with covered eyes and both will have the first dance of the night. The completion of the cropping rites is the “super- kokot” in which all Kings compete against each other to find the King of the Kings, the kral Karlow.